Final Advisory Letter

Final report of the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council in its role as advisors on wild Pacific salmon and steelhead stocks and habitat.

Pacific Salmon Resources in Northern British Columbia and Yukon Transboundary Rivers

Mark Johannes

This is the fifth report in a series on Pacific salmon resources by the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (PFRCC) describing the current state and the ability to assess and understand the status of salmon resources in British Columbia, the Yukon and Arctic.


This report examines the wild salmon in Canadian portions of northern BC and Yukon transboundary rivers and focuses on the: (a) Stikine River, (b) Taku River, (c) Alsek / Tatshenshini River, and (d) Upper Yukon / Porcupine rivers. Each of these watersheds comprises a portion of estuary and lower river within Alaska U.S. territorial boundaries with headwaters located in Canada. The Unuk, Whiting and Chilkat rivers are also briefly discussed in this report, but have limited Canadian based salmon resources and few ongoing monitoring and assessment programs in Canada.

PFRCC-Northern-BC-Yukon-Stock-Status-2012.pdf3.43 MB